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Denominations: AED 100.00
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Eligible Products: The gift card is applicable exclusively on laptop products with a minimum value of AED 1,000. This ensures that customers can enjoy substantial discounts on premium tech items.

Sale Inclusion: The gift card holds its value even during sales! Customers can redeem it during any ongoing sale, provided the total purchase is worth AED 3,000 and above. This adds an extra layer of savings during promotional events, incentivizing higher spending.

Transferability: Feel free to share the love of great deals! The gift card is transferable, allowing users to gift or share it with family, friends, or colleagues. This not only broadens the user base but also fosters a sense of community around your brand.

Extended Validity: To provide flexibility to our customers, the gift card comes with a generous one-year validity. This ensures that users have ample time to make their considered purchases, reducing the pressure and making it more convenient for them.

Card-Only Purchase: The gift card can only be purchased using card methods, enhancing security and streamlining the transaction process.

Limited-Time Offer: Act fast! This enticing gift card offer is available for a limited time only. Don't miss out on this opportunity as it won't be available until January 2025. Happy shopping! 🚀💳



    Gift Card Users (worth 29.99 dh & 199.99 dh) can also Reserve the Product for 7 days (open box only)

    Gift Card Users (worth 29.99 dh & 199.99 dh) will have the privilege of listing their laptop products on our website (2019 and above models). Terms & Condition Apply.